August Inpirations

So August is almost over… Does anyone else feel like it’s going way wayyy too fast? Things have been on warp speed at our house as we get back into school and work. My husband will be juggling teaching along with his classes and research for his PhD this fall and I’m back in my… Continue reading August Inpirations

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Apartment Home Tour Update!

I didn’t quite realize how exciting this post would be until I went through the photos of what things looked like before and holy crap you guys! We have made so much progress with our little one room apartment. It’s been 9 months since we moved in and we’ve made some small changes month to… Continue reading Apartment Home Tour Update!

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Gotland Pt. 2: The Food!

Let’s dive into the food portion of our Trip to Gotland! We visited a few lovely Cafe’s on our stay and had dinner at another Restaurant that we had heard great things about and here are my thoughts. Krukmakeren’s Cafe: So wonderful! This cafe is completely gluten-free, which doesn’t matter to me but awesome for… Continue reading Gotland Pt. 2: The Food!

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Mad for Marble!

The world has gone MAD!!!! for marble. From counters to earings, this trend has been going strong and for good reason. Marble is one of the world’s most beautiful materials and can be used in a variety of ways. Today, I thought I would share my favorite ways to rock that marble trend and how… Continue reading Mad for Marble!


We Went To Gotland! (Part 1)

Those of you who follow my instagram, or look at my instagram posts popping up on the side bar over yonder, have probably noticed my husband and I went on a perfect weekend get-a-way to Visby, Gotland. It’s filled with Midieval ruins from the 13th century and gorgeous little cottages. A large wall and watch… Continue reading We Went To Gotland! (Part 1)