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Current Obsessions and announcement!

Spring is in full swing here in Stockholm and the weather has been amazing! I’m talkin’ 20+ and full sun baby! When Spring comes around there’s always so much I want do. I want to get out and plant new flowers in the garden, I want to paint, I want to spruce everything up for… Continue reading Current Obsessions and announcement!

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Style Stories: This Old Hudson

I’ve got another style story for you guys! One I’m really excited to share about. Honestly I’m excited to share about all of them but this one is just a bit more special because it’s a project by someone who is on my list of my top 10 favorite designers/ creatives. Anthony Dargenzio of the… Continue reading Style Stories: This Old Hudson

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Water Pitcher Round-up and other pretties

**A quick message before getting onto the post… Amidst writing this post, I posted this on instagram and I felt torn between posting with the products from H&M or not and here is what I have decided… I hope that what ended up happening is that a designer from H&M had stolen the design without… Continue reading Water Pitcher Round-up and other pretties


Roasted Pepper Pesto

When we have warm, sunny days in Sweden it’s like someone flipped on the light switch early in the morning only to surprise you with something special planned. At first you’re confused and not quite sure what happening. You wonder “is this real life” and then it hits you that its actually SUNNY! And not… Continue reading Roasted Pepper Pesto


Casual Summer Night

We have been having the best weather over here in Stockholm friends! It’s been 55+/ 12+ all week and I’ve even been able to spend some time drinking coffee and writing on the porch in the morning before work. It’s my favorite part of the spring and summer months. My other favorite part though is… Continue reading Casual Summer Night