Hey folks, my name is Jeniffer Lindvall and here is my story: I grew up in sunny southern California, but after meeting my husband, made the bold move across the Atlantic to Sweden where he was studying Aerospace engineering. I studied interior design in the states but have had to lay that aside so that I can learn the language. This blog become my way of staying connected to my passion for design until I can continue my studies at University.

I don’t want my blog to be a place where personal thoughts and ideas about religion or how to live your life are discussed so I ‘ll only share it here. I am a christian and a vegan. I wouldn’t be honest if I didn’t tell you that I am a Christian, that I firmly believe that Jesus died to save me, and without him I would never be nearly as happy and fulfilled as I am. I understand and respect that not everyone holds these views and that is your right. I just wanted to share my story.  I grew up in a Christian home but then in  high school, I decided to live the life I wanted to. Soon I started waking up unhappy every day. Eventually I became depressed to the point that I never wanted to get out of bed and that I was worthless. Due to this I was prescribed anti-depressants by my doctor, which I maintained taking for about a year and half. They didn’t help. I couldn’t understand why this was happening because at that point I maintained the idea that while there was a God, it was very possible to live a truly happy, normal life without him and. I didn’t have to obey him. However I was wrong. I was sitting there in my room wondering why I was so unhappy, why I was so depressed, why I felt so unloved and it dawned finally dawned on me that without the love of my creator, without obeying him, and having an active relationship with him, I would never be happy.

That night I prayed and asked God to forgive me and told him that I was done trying to control life. My life was now his and at that moment I felt the biggest sense of relief and freedom that I have never felt before. So much so, that I began to cry . I had never realized just how physically exhausted and how dissatisfied  I had become. A few months later I went off my anti-depressants and continue to live without them to this day. God is constantly molding and shaping me into a better person. He reminds me to be patient, to love and respect people, and he shows me his beauty everywhere I look. I can’t help but trust that without him no one could ever be truly happy and completely fulfilled. Things might be alright, maybe even great at times, but without living for Jesus Christ you will never be the happiest you could ever be. He sacrificed his life in order to show us exactly the way we need to live and what we need to make this world a better place. Love. Through love he bore all of our sins and with that love we can help others live better, happier lives.

Because God constantly reminds us to be compassionate, my husband and I have become Vegans. We don’t eat meat, poultry, fish, dairy or cheese of any kind. With the continuing flow of evidence on how the consumption of animal products and their bi-products negatively affect the human body and the environment, I am constantly re-affirmed in my decision and I can confidently say that today I am happier and healthier than I have ever been.