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Style Stories: This Old Hudson

I’ve got another style story for you guys! One I’m really excited to share about. Honestly I’m excited to share about all of them but this one is just a bit more special because it’s a project by someone who is on my list of my top 10 favorite designers/ creatives. Anthony Dargenzio of the creative firm Zio & Sons that have their hands in several pots including interior design, styling, photography and now lodging. This Old Hudson is the newest adventure for the creative firm that has taken a 100+ year old craftsman style residence and revamped it to be used as both a studio and rental space. Dargenzio, specializing in being able to blend traditional styles with charming, rustic qualities all the while avoiding any sense of feeling outdated. It’s exactly what good design ought to be; timeless.

This Old Hudson - Zio & Sons 4

Take the bench, lighting, and vases in this photo (above) for instance… They’re cleaner lines and clearly more modern yet nothing feels like it doesn’t belong.

Zion & Sons This Old Hudson7


This Old Hudson - Zio & Sons 5

I love the pops of blush pink here. It creates a happy little moment. And the vintage cupboard/accent table! It’s just gorgeous.


This Old Hudson - Zio & Sons 3All photography by: Martyn Thompson

To find out more about the project and where you can book a stay, follow the like here! and you can check out more of Anthony Dargenzio’s work via his website and instagrams accounts Zio & Sons and This Old Hudson. It won’t disappoint I promise.


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