Roasted Pepper Pesto

When we have warm, sunny days in Sweden it’s like someone flipped on the light switch early in the morning only to surprise you with something special planned. At first you’re confused and not quite sure what happening. You wonder “is this real life” and then it hits you that its actually SUNNY! And not just sunny but it’s warm outside too! Because if there’s anything someone who has lived in Sweden knows, it’s that the sun doesn’t always mean it’s going to warm and it can almost feel like a sick joke that the weather is playing on you after months of cold. Anywho we had a whole week of warm sunny days so this weekend we summered it up SO. HARD! During the week we’re at work in the city commuting back and forth and it’s hectic so we hardly have any spare time to do things like cook a beautiful meal or sit outside long enough to really soak up the sun. This weekend though was spent lounging for hours on the porch, listening to jazz and drinking way too much coffee. The result of which was this recipe.

Roasted pepper pesto 2

Roasted pepper pesto3

A roasted pepper pesto. I love a quick and simple pasta dish for the summer. It requires very little effort and it’s pretty difficult to mess it because… pasta. I eat the stuff plain as a lazy dinner and feel no shame. Anyways, a pesto is one of the quintessential summer pasta dishes that has so many, almost endless possibilities. A traditional pesto is made with roasted pine nuts, basil, olive oil, garlic, onion, and parmesan cheese however, you can use any sort of nut that suits your fancy and add other veggies and greens to create new flavors. For this particular pesto I used peanuts and then roasted red and yellow peppers with garlic. Please feel free to use any color of bell pepper or even swap out for the more traditional pine nut! I also recommend walnuts if you’re allergic to peanuts. Roasted peppers and garlic are so yummy together with the basil and peanuts so if you’re not allergic I ask that you give them a try because it really does go beautifully together. I completely forgot lemons when shopping for this recipe so to make up for that I used apple cider vinegar and then decided to top the pesto with pan seared romantica tomatoes, a variety very similar to cherry tomatoes, sauteed onions, and flax seeds. The flax seed didn’t add any sort of flavor enhancement but it is a great source of omega 3 fatty acids, which is super important if you live anywhere that’s lacking in sunlight, and made it look very pretty. To make it a filling meal we roasted some potatoes plain, no oil to make them extra crispy, and it was soooo gooooood. Scroll down below for the full recipe and don’t forget to follow me on instagram for more content! I am obsessed with stories and post a lot of little extra things from my everyday life.

roasted pepper pesto4Roasted Pepper Pesto 1

Roasted Pepper Pesto


Two red bell peppers
Two yellow bell peppers
a whole clove of garlic
some olive oil for drizzling
a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar
a cup of roasted peanuts
two heaping handfuls of Italian basil
10 romantica/cherry tomatoes
small white onion
a couple pinches of flaxseed/linseed( maybe a teaspoon… I didn’t measure exactly sorry!)
whole wheat pasta
salt and pepper to taste


Preheat oven to 350 degrees Fahrenheit/225 Celsius. Chop all the peppers in half and de-vein and de-seed them. Place open side down on a baking pan with a whole clove of garlic as is. Drizzle with olive oil and roast until tender, approximately 15-20 minutes. The peppers will get a nice char and begin to collapse, that’s when they’re ready! While roasting in a sauce pan on high heat add a small about of olive oil to a pan and once hot throw in the tomatoes. Once the tomatoes start to soften and pop, turn down the heat to medium and add in your onion, diced or julienne, either one works well, and flaxseed. Allow the onion to cook down, stirring occasionally so nothing burns. Once your onions have turned translucent, turn off the heat, and set aside. By now the peppers should be ready so remove them from the oven and set aside to cool. I don’t remove the skins or get rid of the juices because it all goes in the pesto instead of olive oil. While your peppers cool you can start your pasta. The brand I buy takes 12 minutes to cook but follow the cooking instructions on the packet. It’s the perfect time allotment for the pasta I promise! Reserve a bit of the salty past water for your pesto if needed. After draining the pasta blend all of the left of ingredients: peanuts, basil, peppers, including the skins and juices, and garlic, allll of the garlic, and vinegar and blend in a mixer or blender for a few pulses until mixed to your desired texture. Some people like it grittier while I prefer my pesto a bit on the creamier side. Feel free to add in the pasta water so it blends well.

There you guys have it! I hope you have a lovely week and let me know if you try the recipe. Share it on instagram, fb, or any of your favorite platforms so I can see. I would love to see what changes you guys make or pass on advice.

Until next time!


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