Casual Summer Night

We have been having the best weather over here in Stockholm friends! It’s been 55+/ 12+ all week and I’ve even been able to spend some time drinking coffee and writing on the porch in the morning before work. It’s my favorite part of the spring and summer months. My other favorite part though is shedding off all those layers and wearing my favorite summer pieces. My husband and I were out looking at DSLRs before grabbing a beer with some freinds and still had some time to kill, so I popped into a store that I’ve grown to really love called River Island and they had SO. MANY. GOOD. THINGS! I bought a wallet from there recently and it reminded me a lot of forever 21 but a bit higher quality so win-win. I have a small list of items I’m going to be gathering over the next few months and a few others that I hope I can eventually get on sale but I thought I would throw out a little number that is great for a casual night out. Sooo….

Summer nights outfit


First of all, I know not everyone is too keen on a crop top but I am a sucker for anything seer-sucker (ehhh get it?!) gingham or plaid. It is a weakness that I don’t plan on building any sort of immunity to any time soon. I paired it with a mid rise denim so a bit of the midrift will show but I sort of like just a little bit to peek through. It’s very vintage late 40’s early 50’s inspired so I decided to keep with that and chose a strappy, chunky sandal that was really popular back then from Zara. There have been a lot of cute wicker bags coming out this year and I really like it. It’s very summery and fresh and I love incorporating natural elements into my designs which tends to carry over into my fashion choices as well. The simple choker highlights the neckline without being too flashy and I had to add in a pair of cat-eye sunnies because these are the few sunglasses that my small face can actually work with. Be on the look out for a couple more of these posts this season because once inspiration hits I sort of go mad. Shop the look via the links down below.


Until next time!

This post is not sponsored, simpy pieces I love that I think you’ll love too.

Gingham Top | Mid-rise Boyfriend Jeans | Chunky Strappy Sandal | Sunnies | Wicker Shopping Bag | 3 Piece Choker Set


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