A Drool Worthy, Art-filled Home in Brisbane

This charming little home was built in the 1880’s. With it’s white picketed fence and tree-lined streets, you might expect to walk into a home with a subdued, but classic design plan but this little place will surprise you. My jaw hit the floor once I saw the interior!









The hand painted Italian terracotta floor tiles, the columned and distressed island, and rustic vanity give a sense of old-world charm, while mixing in modern details like the kitchen and bathroom fixtures. It’s old-world meets playful modern and I love it. This house happens to be up for auction. Why someone would give this up, I don’t know, but you can drool over some more photos of this home by clicking the photos or following this link. I hope you all are having an awesome day! I’m going through a slight insomnia phase so that means I have a few more posts than usual lined up for you guys. Let’s just hope that the lack of sleep produces something I’ll actually be able to post on the blog. Happy Sunday!

Until next time


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