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August Favorites continued

This month it’s been all about art-deco styles making a resurgence and embracing the fall!!!  What I love so much about the fall is all of the layers, textures, and changes. The trees change colors, school starts again, and the days get darker requiring me to bundle up. Here are some of my favorite things that I’ve been keeping my eyes on and think would make perfect Autumn additions.

August FavoritesEvil plans notebookDreamer notebook| Candle holder| Light grey pillowBlack and gold vase| Dark grey pillow| Cat mug| Sweater| Shorts| Boots

Velvets are a fall staple because of the soft cozy texture and I love these contrasting grey tones. The art-deco accessories are simple enough to go with a lot of styles and color palettes, plus they’re puuuurrrrdyyy. Heading back to school and work means taking notes and mapping out schedules so this watercolor journal and evil plans notepad make great additions to your desk. This cat mug. Let me tell you about this cat mug. See it isn’t just a mug. No, no, it’s a  distraction from how un-caffeinated and dead tired you feel cause all that you’ll be able think about is how unbelievably adorable it is and how awesome  it is that you get to drink out of an amazing cat mug! I also can’t help but fall in love with a simple knitted sweater and structured shorts. Pair them with these ankle boots and you’re ready to take on the day without sacrificing style for practicality. They’ll keep you dry in the rain, won’t cause your feet to overheat in warmer weather, and they’re vegan!
Hope you guys are getting into the fall spirit and like what’s happening on the blog. You guys are always welcome to give me suggestions on what type of content you would like to see more of so don’t be shy and leave them in the comments below.

Until next time!

(I am not sponsored or affiliated with these companies, I just love sharing what I love)


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