August Inpirations

So August is almost over… Does anyone else feel like it’s going way wayyy too fast? Things have been on warp speed at our house as we get back into school and work. My husband will be juggling teaching along with his classes and research for his PhD this fall and I’m back in my Swedish classes. With that, it helps to get a little inspiration to be able to get through the daily grind, so here’s what’s been inspiring me this month!

More Art Deco Fabulous-ness - Simply Beautiful blog

Art deco is moody hues - Simply Beautiful blog

This month I’ve been seeing tons of art deco and I’m digging it. I’ve never been the biggest fan in the past but when it’s paired with pinks and mixed metals, it’s an absolute dream.

Blue hues and Shaker cabinets - Simply Beautiful blog



Stairs with clean lines and wood tones

The lines of these wood details in these cabinets and on these stars are so gorgeous. They have me dreaming of beautiful wall trims.

October afternoons - Don't Quit

But most importantly, transistioning from summer to fall can definitely get crazy but it’s so important to remember that it’s only temporary. This month I’m trying to remind myself to just take things one at a time, to not think so hard on how much I have to do and how poorly I think I’m doing it. Just get up and accomplish one task at time and it will improve over time. P.S This girl’s Tumbler is inspiring within itself. I could browse it for hooouuuurss. I hope you guys are having an easy time getting through life and not letting the little things get to you! If so, take some time to rest your mind and get inspired. Read a book, drink a nice hot cup of tea, or go on a jog. Do something that gets you motivated and inspired to get on with your day!

Until next time



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