Late Summer Style

Guys it’s August already! I can’t believe how fast time goes by sometimes… Summer is slowly coming to a close here in Sweden. We’re getting a couple minutes less sunlight every day and the temperatures are already starting to dip down little by little. This happens to also mean fall is going to be here soon! I love the Autumn. It’s my favorite season because the air is so fresh and crisp, I get to wear scarves and boots, all my favorite sweaters, endless cups of hot tea and coffee, knitting like a mad woman, and the colors. When the trees change colors I’m outside every day snapping as many photos as possible and there’s always at least one dutch apple and pumpkin pie baked during the season. Alas, there’s still a couple months to go for fall to arrive.
Late summer is sort of an awkward fashion time for me. I want to bundle up and it’s perfect until I start walking anywhere. Then I’m sweating and regret sets in once I step onto the bus to go anywhere. Of course if the sun is shining I think I’ll throw on a dress and it’s a bit chilly at first but I figure I’ll warm up soon. However the wind is chillier than normal so I have to run and grab a hot tea or coffee once I get into town because I’m still cold. Anyone else feel the same? If you do you came to the right place! Today I’m sharing a late summer outfit that is a bit more layered and the colors are a perfect blend that pay homage to both seasons.


Late Summer Outfit - Simply Beautiful blog


In Sweden the late summer usually means a cold wind so it helps to have a light scarf on hand. This one helps add texture, pattern, and color. I added some more accessories with blush pinks with some neutral shoes and bag. Lastly the glasses tie in the blacks and browns from the top, bag, shoes so everything is cohesive. A lot of people claim that black and brown don’t go well together. This is a fashion lie people! The right shade of brown looks beautiful with black. The secret is to make sure the colors have contrasting tones. A dark cocoa brown is too close to black and lacks variety and visual interest. Medium brown tones with hints of red in them, like these loafers, are a nice contrast against the top.
If you like what you see you can shop the look in the l inks below!

Until net time

Top| Jeans| Scarf| Shoes| Bag| Sunglasses| Earrings| Ring 


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