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Small Entry, Three Ways

It’s been quite a wonderful and lazy couple of days here. Kris has been out in England for a summer school course so it’s been a bit lonely but a few friends from Luleå came to visit this past weekend and distracted me. We explored a little bit of Uppsala, a city in the northern part of Stockholm. It’s made it a little difficult to get down to business and do anything substantial enough to post but I found some inspiration ysterday. Small entries can be hard to figure out sometimes. Our back door is pretty much just that. A back door with a tiny little  wall that allows little room for anything else. You want to have it be pretty and functional but still feel like it’s not over crowded with things but with some imagination and a couple of pretties, you can give yourself something stylish and functional, I promise! I like to use things in out of the box ways sometimes. It makes for a fun surprise when guests come over and inspires others to be creative too so I thought I would style seating for entry furniture pieces. Chairs and stools can and SHOULD be used for something other than a place to rest your behinds people! Seriously.



First way I styled it is a bit simple but still fun and pretty. Chairs can be great for throwing bags and sweaters onto and can give your shoes a place to hide a little bit so that they’re there but not screaming HEY! I’M HERE. Plants add structure and life, pops of pink  from the notebook and rocks create contrast and visual interest, and no entry should be without pretty storage to hide your keys and receipts.  This was a tin candle holder that my Grandma Bev used for storing thread in her sewing cabinet. It’s one of the few things I have of hers that I brought with me to Sweden and I will probably pass it on to one of my future kids. I definitely encourage you guys to get candles in pretty holders because they can be re-used as great decorative storage.


DSC_1407 (2)

In style number two we have a bit more going on. We have visual interest and color contrast in the planter and yarn, the yarn doubles as storage for glasses and other pretties, we have a place to put your keys, and a basket under the chair to hide our shoes a little better. I love this one a lot just because it holds so many things and it’s done with stuff that you probably have lying around the house. Also, with small spaces you have to multi-purpose as much as possible.



This last look is the most pulled back and minimal of the three. Just some pretties on the wall, a plant, a basket for shoes, and I couldn’t help but throw my ukulele in there for fun. It’s not as practical as the other two and I’m using a stool instead of a chair but it still has the same concept. This is the closest to what we normally have, minus the basket.However, had this been our front door, I would definitely go more out of my way to create more storage solutions for keys, bags, coats, and such.

So there you have it! Three different ways to style a small entry way. I’m definitely digging the idea of using a chair by our backdoor and will be on the look out for something secondhand. Let me know which one is your favorite in the comments below and make sure to check out what’s going on by following me on Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram. Hope you’re having a great week

Until next time!


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