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Tiny Bedrooms Done Right, Plus Tips!

With small living becoming increasingly more popular, I thought it’s time I  share some tips on how to live small! I happen to live in a small space myself and use some of these tips to keep my home from feeling cramped and over-crowded. Today I am sharing  3 tiny bedrooms that have successfully turned their tiny rooms into a cozy oasis that seem larger than they appear.

Tip #1 Use a simple color palette

Small Bedrooms Done Right - Simply Beautiful blog

A simple color palette of 2 or 3 colors is easy on the eyes and doesn’t take up as much visual space. Too many colors can crowd a space of this size. Lighter colors tend to not weigh down a space as much as darker ones will but, that doesn’t mean you can’t use them. Use the darker colors sparingly throughout a space to create interest and give the space flow and cohesiveness. Flow is good. Flow is your friend.


Tip #2 Keep things in scale

Small Bedrooms Done Right 2- Simply Beautiful blog

Scale is the relative size or extent of something. Since this room is has small scale, everything else should be small or feel small too. Using bigger objects takes up more physical and visual space. Clear and reflective objects give the effect of taking up less visual space. Use glass vases, mirrors, and reflective metals to give the illusion that the space continues, making you feel like you have more room. In rooms this small, every inch counts.


Tip #3 Keep it simple, keep it clean!

Small Bedrooms Done Right 3- Simply Beautiful blog

Sometimes it’s best to go with the KISS method, keep it simple sweetie. Part of the reason why Swedes do minimalism so well is because they’re sort of forced to due to small living conditions being the norm. That being said, those of us lucky to call Sweden home, have learned to embrace it and use it to our advantage. Abstain from leaving junk around and stick only to objects that have a designated function (dual functioning item are even better)! I pick up small things around the house at least every other day to keep my sanity and keep the apartment clean. Keeping table tops clear of junk and minimally decorated really help a space feel especially larger. Get rid of the clutter and your room will seem like an oasis, no matter how small.

Those are my top tips for tiny spaces! Hope you found them useful. What are your small space tips? Leave them down in the comments below!

Until next time


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