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IKEA’s New Svärtan Collection

Today is the release of IKEA’s new collection Svärtan. Svärtan, meaning blackness or the blackness in Swedish, is a collection that reflects a different, darker, and moodier side of India and the results are striking and lovely.

IKEA Svärtan collection sidobord and päll - Simply Beautiful blog

IKEA svärtan collection brickbord - Simply Beautiful blog

IKEA Svärtan collection - Simply Beautiful blog

IKEA Svärtan collection bedding-bowl - Simply Beautiful blog.png

The lead designer Martin Bergström, along with 25 students from the National Institute of Fashion Technology i New Delhi took inspiration from the shadows and light around natural elements and parts of the city-scapes. Martin Bergström is a Swedish Designer whose signature bold, avant garde style features many black and white graphics along with bold striking colors mixed with darker colors.

Martin Bergström LALALALABANANAS - Simply Beautiful blog

Martin Bergstrom Motion Dazzle Print5 - Simply Beautiful blog

I’m very excited for fall and getting my hands on a couple of the items from the Svärtan collection! More of the collection can be seen here and to see more of Martin’s work click here.

Until next time!


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