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Apartment Home Tour Update!

I didn’t quite realize how exciting this post would be until I went through the photos of what things looked like before and holy crap you guys! We have made so much progress with our little one room apartment. It’s been 9 months since we moved in and we’ve made some small changes month to month to make it affordable and it seems like we haven’t done a lot because of that. However, looking at the before and after, it’s like night and day. Just so you guys can really see the difference, this things looked like before…




We had only a coffee table, sofa, rug, a bed, a dresser, plus a bunch of boxes waiting to be put in a storage unit. Very little and kind of sad but we made it work for as long as we could. We got our dining room table after Christmas so we ate at our coffee table for months. Now it looks like this!!!

Living room update 2- Simply Beautiful blog

Living room update - Simply Beautiful blog

Living room update 20 - Simply Beautiful blog


Living room update 19 - Simply Beautiful blog

Living room update 13- Simply Beautiful blog

Living room update 6- Simply Beautiful blog

Living room update 4- Simply Beautiful blog

Living room update 8- Simply Beautiful blog


Living room update 10- Simply Beautiful blog

For a while the bedroom area looked like this, which has changed but I thought it was too pretty not to share with you…

Bedroom update 2 - simply beautiful

Bedroom update 6 - simply beautiful

Bedroom update 7 - simply beautiful

but I changed some things around, so now it’s looking like this!

bedroom update 5

bedroom update 3

bedroom update 2

bedroom update 6

bedroom update 8

Living room update 11- Simply Beautiful blog

And our dining room looks like this!!!

dining room update 3- Simply Beautiful blog

dining room update - Simply Beautiful blog

dining room update 5- Simply Beautiful blog

dining room update 2- Simply Beautiful blog

SOOOOO much better! So, we added a this dining set that we bought unfinished from Ikea. I  just added lacquer to it and then painted the chairs a soft mint green. We brought in one of our outdoor chairs inside since it didn’t quite fit on the patio and it’s my favorite spot now. It’s not going to stay because we plan to get a chair that will double as an accent chair and an office chair for Kris since his desk is eventually going in that corner. I switched out the orange accent pillow from the sofa and added a blue one that goes with our living room area rug better. I painted our back door a gorgeous dark grey-blue and then added some hats to the wall. We moved the bed and dresser to make more walk space for the table and chairs and I like it so much better! I recently found this pink rug at a second hand store and thought it would work under the dresser. It’s a bit small but it makes this area feel a more like a separate space. I bought a beautiful blue and white painted cloth a while ago off of Amazon for the bed and it is perfect! It adds color and texture but still ties in with all of the different textiles I’m using throughout the apartment. I added more plants, some art, and a sea-grass basket  which is the perfect thing to hide some unsightlies.
It’s still not finished but definitely an improvement from the last time. I still plan to change out our coffee table to something round or oblong. It’s too long for our living room and needs some fixing but it’s perfect for at the end of our bed when we get a bigger place. I’ll add a gallery wall behind the sofa, wall shelves in the corner above where Kris’ desk will go (we bought a collapsible one from Ikea that we haven’t had a chance to put up yet), a simple bed frame that doesn’t take up a lot of space, art above the bed, and wall sconces on either side of it.

What do you guys think?! I am so happy with it and how things are going. I’m also amazed by how big it still feels even though we fit a bedroom, a dining room, and living room all in about 350 sq feet. No joke, our entire apartment is a total of 34 sq meters  which is just shy of 366 sq feet. I plan to put an office space of my own in here at some point too. I hope you guys are having a lovely weekend. Feel free to let me know what you think in the comments below!

Until next time


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