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Desert Boho Office

While I was dream shopping looking for shelves for our living room, I saw the Viktigt rug from Ikea and thought it would make a cool wall treatment and was inspired to create a mood board for an office space with a bohemian desert vibe. Funny how one moment you’re looking at shelves, inspiration hits, and all of a sudden you’re making a mood board for some imaginary person and some imaginary place. Creative and crazy sometimes go hand in hand…


Desert Bo-Ho Officce space - Simply Beautiful blog

Anywho, the back-drop is made up of two rugs that would be hung behind the desk. Three shelves would go above the desk (possibly staggered) for storing books and other office necessities over the rugs. A hanging planter creates visual interest on one side that can also be used for additional storage and holding a small plant if you want (it’s quite large and hold multiple small items). Nothing says desert more like geodes and cacti, which will decorate the desk top along with a white vase for holding pens and other utensils. To the other side of the desk we have a living structure to create more interest and bring life to the space. Throw in a fun lattice print rug and comfy pillow to bring in a bit more color and there you have a Desert boho office space!
I see this space for a lady that’s a young, working prefessional who spends a lot of her time working at home. She works in media, possibly a journalist and  thrives on the chaos that encompass that. She’s a killer mutli-tasker and super trendy.
If you love this look, it’s super easy to shop these items!  Just follow the links below (The links are for the Swedish Ikea and H&M websites but are available in the U.S ones as well). Hope you’re having an awesome day!!!

Until next time!

Rug Back-drop|Shelves| Desk| Cow book-ends|Birdie||Hanging planter|Cacti|Vase| Geode|Rug|Pillow| Desk chair| Palm



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