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Gotland Pt. 2: The Food!

Let’s dive into the food portion of our Trip to Gotland! We visited a few lovely Cafe’s on our stay and had dinner at another Restaurant that we had heard great things about and here are my thoughts.

Krukmakeren’s Cafe: So wonderful! This cafe is completely gluten-free, which doesn’t matter to me but awesome for those it does. Best thing is that there were multiple vegan options, sweet and savory!

DSC_1135 (3)

DSC_1136 (4)

DSC_1137 (2)

There is both indoor and outdoor seating here and it’s surprisingly large with both a main dining area and a secondary sitting room that was perfect for those wanting a bit more peace and quite. Would be a great place to read a book or study. I wasn’t able to get any photos inside but it was beautifully deocrated with Hans Wagner style chairs, light and airy, and very cozy. Outdoors, it feels like an english garden with roses everywhere. Very beautiful!

DSC_1139 (2)

DSC_1142 (3)

I had the linseed bread with hummus and a soy latte with 2 shots of expresso. The bread was lacking a bit in flavor but the texture was beautiful. Very light and not dense which can be a problem with some gluten-free breads, but not this one. The hummus was SO delicious and totally compensated for the bread! It was a tad messy but I don’t mind. The latte was great. Nothing out of the ordinary or particulary unique but very delicious. The staff were all lovely and the owner was very friendly and even chatted with us a bit which is rare in Sweden. Staff don’t engage in small talk here like they do in the U.S which is one of the downsides of living here, but this was not the case at Krukmakeren’s! I highly recommend it.

Creperie & Logi: We went here for a late breakfast on our Anniversary and it was SO GOOD! I had heard wonderful things from other bloggers and knew we had to try  it out. I tried booking a table online but it was all booked. However, we went as soon as it was open and had the place to to ourselves for at lest a half hour before everyone else showed up. I mean everyone… It was packed by time we ordered a dessert.


Creperie och Logi 3- Simply Beautiful blog

The presentation of the food is beautifully done here. Our coffee came out like that! The staff were nice, not as talkative as at Krukmakeren’s but still friendly. The Soy Latte was a bit more like a cappicino with lots of foam on top but was good. Nothing incredible or unique about it.

Creperie och Logi 2- Simply Beautiful blog

The Vegan Crepe was UH! mazing! Chick peas, pickled onions, fresh arrugula, with havre creme fraiche and a delicious slightly spicy sauce went together beautifully. I topped mine with a bit of extra peppar after it was served but wasn’t needed. I just love peppar. We then shared a sweet crepe that I completely forgot to take a photo of… I know I’m horrible. It was lovely. Bananas with a chocolate coconut sauce and served with vegan chocolate ice cream. We added strawberries to ours because I love strawberried on crepes! It was decadant and the coconut flavor was very subtle, which I prefer.

Creperie & Logi 5 - Simply Beautiful blog(photo credit : Creperi & Logi)

So there are two outdoor areas and an indoor dining room here. The front is a bar area that serves drinks during the warmer months and then a deck out back. We stayed inside and its very cozy and cute. They have paper and crayons for kids tucked away in the corner so it’s a great place to bring your little ones and they even rent out a sweet upstairs. It’s really lovely and I highly recommend visiting here as well

Brooklyn Visby’s Meatless burger: I don’t have a photo for this dish, just a reveiw. This Burger was a Sweet-potato based veggie burger and was very sweet. I don’t recommend this burger because when I want a burger I want something savory and flavorful. I’ve noticed that most restaurants tend to make “healthy” meatless options but this is the last thing I’m personally looking for when I order a burger. I want it saucy, juicy, savory, and greasy. I want a burger that makes me feel like I’m eating a burger and not a sandwich.
For our other dinners on the island we went ahead and ate at Max, a Swedish fast food chain. I like to get their greenmål without cheese and eggless mayo instead of original sauce. This is not labeled vegan on their menue because the veggie patty, though vegan, is deep fried in the same fryer as their other items which include cheese. I don’t mind this. Personally, all I care about is that my meal doesn’t come from animals. If this bothers you then there’s a vegan sandwhich with pulled oomph. It’s not my favorite because, again, I want a burger, not a sandwhich.

If you’re loving our trip to Gotland then stay tuned for more posts because there’s more photos coming!

Until Next time


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