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Hanging Planter Round- up

Hanging planters  are a fun way to add sculpural interest to your indoor or outdoors areas. Get creative and hang them from different areas and use them for holding or storing items besides plants. They’re great in bathrooms to hold make up brushes, in kitchens for holding fruit, or as a hanging shelf. These are currently favorite hanging planters, all of which you can find down in the links below.

Hanging Planters Round-up - Simply Beautiful blog


Though technically the last two aren’t considered hanging planters since you have the purchase the flower pots seperately, but, I can’t resist a good macrame plant holder! How cute would that gold planter be with the black holder? I really can’t decide which one is my absolute favorite. It’s probably between the one on the left in the top row from Rum 21 and the on right in the second row from Ikea. Let me know which one is your favorite in the comments below! If you happen to have some hanging planters you would love to share, or if you end up purchasing one of these from my round up, post it on instagram with the #hangingplantbabies.

Until next time!

Glass planter|White hanging planter|Beaded Hanging Shelf|Ferm Living Plant Hanger|Beaded plant holder|Macramae plant holderWood Vase|Gold vase



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