We Went To Gotland! (Part 1)

Those of you who follow my instagram, or look at my instagram posts popping up on the side bar over yonder, have probably noticed my husband and I went on a perfect weekend get-a-way to Visby, Gotland. It’s filled with Midieval ruins from the 13th century and gorgeous little cottages. A large wall and watch towers surround the main hub of the city including shops filled with artisan goods from local artists, cozy cafes, and the main square. Want to know the best part!?!?! We live right by the Ferry that goes to and from Visby in the warmer months and it’s a short 3 hour trip. I took TOOOONSSS and tons and tons of photos that will take me time to edit that I plan to share in different parts. I’ll be featuring the reastaurants and cafes we ate at and their reveiws, all the incredible veiws, and places I recommend visiting. Here’s Part 1!!!

DSC_1010 (3)

DSC_1015 (2)


DSC_1016 (2)


DSC_1021 (2)


DSC_1049 (2)

DSC_1058 (3)

DSC_1075 (2)


DSC_1090 (2)


DSC_1091 (2)


DSC_1111 (2)


DSC_1119 (2)


DSC_1152 (2)


DSC_1165 (2)


DSC_1180 (2)

The best part was that Kris and I had no clue that all of this history was waiting for us. We spent 3 wonderful days just wandering and soaking up all of the beauty around us and eating great food. I honestly can’t wait to go back and see other parts of the island.

Until next time!


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