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My Go-TO’s For Inexpensive Accessories

I love it when I find some great accessories for less. I love making seasonal changes to my home and the best way to do that inexpensivly is by changing out your accessories: vases, pillows, thow blankets, etc. My first go-to is a flea market or thrift store but not everyone knows how to shop those types of places and its a hit and miss sometimes. So, today I am sharing my go-to places that you will almost always find something that you like.(Since I live in Sweden, these will be stores that are located here). These are also stores and brands that you can trust to give you a stylish and quality product for the price. There are slightly cheaper stores in Sweden like Rusta, Dollar Store (yes, we have a dollar store but no, nothing costs a dollar) but I don’t personally trust the quality enough to recommend them.

*I am not sponsored by or affiliated with any of the companies mentioned in this post. I simply love their products and want to share my sources with you*
* Unfortunately some of the items became unavailable while I was editing my photos so I will be linking the sites and collections instead the individual items in this post*



This place is HANDS DOWN! my favorite place to get inexpensive accessories. I bought the Terra kruka and the gold and glass lantern and absolutely love them. They have amazing designs, everything is so cute, and it is so cheap. This is the place to go to for  planters, vases, lanterns, glassware, and other porcelain goods. It’s personally my favorite place for planters and cute kitchen  accessories and cookware! They have a small selection of textiles like pillow covers, small rugs, and kitchen towels but I find that I have better luck at other places for these items. They introduce new products every week meaning that they constantly have great pieces in stock and have killer sales to make room on the shelves. However, this also means things go fast so, if you find something you love, don’t wait too long otherwise it will be gone. It’s happened to me many times.



H&M accessories- simply beautiful blog

I don’t know about you guys, but, I used to NEVER shop at H&M. We had 2 stores in the northern county of San Diego that were at least a 30 min drive away and they never had home goods available in-store. I would much rather go to Target. Oh Target… how I miss you. However H&M  has won a place in my heart. It’s my go to place to find pillow covers, throw blankets, and small decorative items. They also have a great selection of decorative mugs and  small storage. They usually have small baskets for a great price. It also helps that I can find cute jewelry or a cheap tee all in one place! Convenience equals good adulting!!!



IKEA accessories - simply beautiful blog

Need I say more? Its my go-to place for inexpensive kitchen accessories, kitchen textiles, and decorative containers. Great selection of vases, bowls, and baskets. There’s a reason why this company is located all over the world. Their simple designs are functional and beautiful and at a great price everyone can afford. (The majority of these items came from the Viktigt and Sinnerlig series)

These stores are not hidden gems or that little hole in the wall with a great selection that is dirt cheap. Unfortunately There aren’t as many in Sweden as in the States. Like Homegoods… I miss you. We have smaller retail stores with a great selection that cost an arm and a leg or stores that are selling a lot of the same items for more than I’m willing to pay. I think this is part of the reason why I love flea markets and second-hand shops so much. It’s the one of the very few places I can get one of a kind items that are easy on the eyes and your pocketbook. I might just need to do a list of my favorite second-hand shops in Stockholm once I’ve checked enough of them out.

Until next time!!!

*I am not sponsored by or affiliated with any of the companies mentioned in this post. I simply love their products and want to share my sources with you*


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