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Life According To My Phone

I have a few posts in the works for you guys but while I’m finishing those I didn’t want to leave you hanging. So, here is life according to my phone Yesterday.

Life according to my phone - simply beautiful blog

Adding some pink to the dresser… oh and scored a sweet new rug from a cute secondhand shop in Älsvsjö called My Dearest Second Hand. Jumpsuit was a Marshall’s purchase before I moved. I could livin this thing cause it’s so comfortable.

life according to my phone 4 - simply beautiful blog

Can’t stay at home without playing my uku. Today I learned Love Love Love by Of Monsters And Men. It’s super easy and just three chords but another one I’m learning is She Used To Be Mine from the musical Waitress. It’s such a beautiful song.


It was a laundry/cleaning day too. Little fact about Sweden… Laundry is free if you live in an apartment usually. You also choose your own time slot that’s between 3-4 hours and you have the room all to yourself. In California you might have a laundry room but you pay for each load with quarters and share it with everyone.
Also, If you want to constantly have bugs in your house during the summer then move to Sweden. No screens in your windows and no A/C means letting in tons of critters through your open windows. So much fun.

life according to my phone 5 - simply beautiful blog

Baked a pie in-between laundry! The plan was to bake it the day before but that didn’t work out. It’s not my recipe but there is a little sweet somethin’ or another I’m working on that pairs beautifully with pies so stay tuned.

life according to my phone 6 - simply beautiful blog

For dinner I took one of my Mom’s staple Thanksgiving recipes and made it into my own and it’s a perfect summer side dish. We had it was mashed potatoes and sauteed portobello mushrooms. The carrot recipe will be going up soon as well!

Well that’s pretty much what summed up my day yesterday! I was quite the domestic with all my cleaning, laundering, baking, and cooking. I’m glad I did though because it gave me lot’s of new things I can share with you.

Until next time!!!


2 thoughts on “Life According To My Phone

  1. love these posts! to get a insight in your every day life 🙂 it helps me in my constant “missing jennifer”-mode 🙂

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