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Patio Update!

A little while back  I shared a moodboard with you guys of some ideas I had for our patio. Well, our furniture arrived and I was actually able to go out and get the majority of what I had planned already which was pretty awesome! Here is our super sad before…


cue tiny sad violen music, because seriously that’s all that I here when I look at this. Now it’s looking like this!!!

Patio update 7- simply beautiful

Patio update 2- simply beautiful

Patio update 5 - simply beautiful

I moved the pavers and laid out the gravel but  we need to get some more. I ordered pillows and I can’t wait until they arrive! Last thing to get is a grill and then we’re ready for summer. There are a few projects we might tackle next summer like paint the side of the apartment and add an outdoor heater but other than that we don’t plan to make any other changes. I got to skype my sister-in-law nice and early yesterday morning out here and let my husband sleep in and it was so lovely. I can’t wait to entertain out here! Things are changing so fast and it finally feels like things are finishing up. I am going to be posting a whole apartment update soon too. In the meantine, I’ll be soaking up some vitamin D out on the patio.

Until next time!


4 thoughts on “Patio Update!

  1. Wow! It looks great! You are getting lots done in a short time. It’s so nice when a new place starts feeling like home.

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