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Patio Re-vamp

Summer is in full swing here in Sweden and it’s SO wondrful. My husband and I have been spending lot’s of time outside and soaking up as much sunshine as possible. I’ve mentioned a few times before that we have a patio and a small yard. Last time I shared with you the changes I made to our back door. If you havne’t had a chance to see it you can check it out here. Now It’s time to move to the outdoors and Re-vamp our patio! Here is a before…

Waah waaaahhh….So, it didn’t look this bad when we moved in. I ruined it a few months ago by trying to take up the pavers and level out the sand underneath because some of them were terribly uneven. I failed miserably because the pavers didn’t fit together after that so we had a choice, chip away at the pavers to make them fit or to take out the ones that don’t fit, fill the empty space with gravel, and extend the patio out a little bit. We deciced to extend the patio to give us some more room out there. We already bought some furniture that’s on it’s way so that I can’t wait to arrive!!! I really want this area to feel more like an extention of the apartment and not and so much like it’s “outside” so we’ll be using a lot of decorative pretties to make it feel extra homey. Here are my ideas so far….

outdoor moodboard - simply beautiful

Kilim throw pillows are very, very sturdy textiles. They’re already old and look more and more beautiful with age so I have no worries about them being changed and faded by the sun. The black wire thing will hang from existing hooks outside and we can hang more plants from that instead of adding new holes. Having the pillows, a throw blanket, and vases will make it feel more like a room than a patio. The lanterns, string lights, and plants pay gentle homage to the true surroundings while providing the perfect mood lighting. It’ll be the perfect place to sip my coffee and read my morning newspaper (I’m a morning newspaper kind of gal now) and a cozy place to sit and relax with a glass of wine after dinner.
There are a few ideas I have that are still maybes like getting a patio heater, some sheer curtains to act as a mosquito net, and repainting. Repainting is the biggest maybe. The outer wall of the apartment is clearly unfinished and doesn’t look great by any means but I also want this to be quick so we can enjoy being out there sooner rather than later. I might tackle it next summer,who knows. Anyways, hoping you’re all having a great day!

Until next time!!!


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