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Dream Home Decorating Tips

This tiny studio apartment tucked away in the small farms outside of Stockholm city is the first apartment that my husband and I can truly call ours. We rented out a student apartment but those are always temporary and making any changes is severely frowned upon plus a bit of a waste of money.  This place though… it’s ours. We can put holes in the walls, plant flowers in the garden (we scored and got a ground floor apartment with a yard!), and really start collecting pieces that hone in on our style and personalities. If you’re like most young couples moving into your first place then there are naturally some obstacles numero uno being money…Spending hours going through pinterest, reading dedorating blogs like a mad woman, and perusing through decor magazines has a dark side to it when the reality of how much money you have to spend on decorating it sets in. I want so badly to just go out and get everything right now! and finish the place already but then I remember it’s not a race and we really have  the time to turn this into a home and not a just a place to sleep and eat. That being said, I thought I would share some of the advice I’ve picked up since we moved here about six months ago.


Take your time!

Seriously it’s not a race. Acquiring pieces month to month allow you to take the time to know the directions you want to go stylistically and really get to grasp the overall feel you want for your home. It also allows for you to make easy changes, should you want to go another direction down the road.

DIY kitchen reno - simply beautiful via Domino


Set a budget

It’s boring but for most of us necessary. Taking into account how much money you spend on necessities and on indulgences will allow you to see what money you can put towards your new place. Making coffee at home instead of splurging on Starbucks could be that adorable throw pillow you’ve had your eye on lately.

Perfectly curated - simply beautiful via Loom & Kilim


Discuss what’s worth splurging on

This sort falls under the budget category but worth repeating since I personally feel it’s the most important part. Knowing  what pieces are most important to spend the majority of your budget on will really help with important design decisions and help with the ease of combining your two styles. For us, the sofa and area rugs were things we were willing to spend more on and even buy new if need be. The rest we were alright with taking our time  waiting for the sales and flea markets. Priorities vary from person to person, couple to couple. It’s good to sit down and make a list so that, if you ever do come across something that’s exactly what you’ve been looking for, you can adjust your budget accordingly. Some things are worth spending good money on. Being on the same page will also help prevent future arguments since you’ve taken the time to talk about what’s really important.

Bold brick in L.A - simply beautiful.


Secondhand before depart store, ALWAYS!

I think most people have learned, by now, that second hand is almost always better than department stores and high end boutiques. Every blogger has shoved it down their readers throats enough that it’s become a pretty obvious suggestion. However, for those still holding out, I implore you to please, please check craigslist, thrifts stores, and flea markets before you hit the stores because these are the places where you will find those one of a kind items that tell a story and bring life to your home. There are very few things more thrilling than finding those priceless gems for dirt cheap, plus, you’re aiding in the preservation of the environment! It’s a win, win, win situation. For inpiration check out the Cold Dead Fingers tag from Vintage Revivals. There are so many amazing finds and styling inspiration for days.

Campaign dresser CDF


Plants are sometimes cheaper and better!

Adding literal life into your home with plants is sometimes much better than the metaphorical kind you can add with pillows and art. They can even end up costing less if you buy them younger and take the time to tend for them. Obviously if you’re busy and short on time you may want to be careful with plant selection. Have no fear thear are plants for both the green thumbs and plant killers of the world.  Click the photo below to see 10 plants that are easy to care for.

Easy to care for plants - simpply beautiful via Lauren Condrad



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