Interior decor

Color trends For Spring 2016

Over here in Sweden it might be smack in the middle of winter but spring is already in there air with little hints of spring product lines showing up in the stores. Honing the essence of spring we see a mix of light blue, turquoise, and mint green balanced out with warm whites, natural elements like cork, light and warm woods and pops of pink.

Here’s what Åhlen’s has cooking for us in the storage department:

Åhlens Forvaring Vår 2016


And here are my favorites:

Hints of Spring from Åhlens - Simply Beautiful via Jenilindvall.wordpress

So what will we be seeing a lot of this year? Soft blues, whites, with hints of greens and pinks. It’s sort of the norm for spring but I feel like there was a lot of classic blue and white last year, where as this year it’s very soft colors like light blues, turquoise, and mints. There tons of  cute cactus prints out now too like this pillow!


Cactus print is in! via Simply Beautiful

Super cute but also very limited. I like changing things out seasonally but I also like to keep them timeless so I can use them over again over the years. Anywho what’s your favorite? Let me know. Until next time


Vase | Cork vase | Green pillow | Pink pillow | Grey and white pillow | Stool | Baskets | Wood stool/side table | Cactus pillow




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