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Inspiration for a Quirky Colorful Boys Nursery

So I am so crazy in love with Schumacher’s Aviary wallpaper. I am obsessed so, I decided to put together a mood board for a boy’s nursery that is quirky, colorful, and modern; something that would make you and your little guy smile every time you walk into the room.

Quirky boys nursery

Now to make things clear. This is NOT and announcement of any kind. I am simply in my mid-twenties and constantly thinking about babies. Seriously, I think some mystery potion was released in my head once I hit 23 that causes the most ridiculously insane baby fever. I know not all women get this way but I feel like most of us, once we become adults, or at least our age says we’re adults, our brains naturally gravitate towards procreating. Then it just slowly gets worse as we get older. Fuunnn. Anyways, The wall paper would be on one focal wall and a warm toned white on the others. This wall paper called for modern clean lines but in lots of fun colors and quirky patterns. I’m in love with a cork side table because it’s a much softer surface for your child to fall on than wood or plastic. The bear mobile may not “match” but it’s so cute I thought why not? Follow the links below to see where you can find everything. Until next time!

Wallpaper | crib |Rocking chairPendant light | Black and white pillow | yellow pillow | white pillow | orange pillow | red pillow | blue pillow | Mobile | Side table |


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