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Thoughts on Vegomässan 2015

I promised I would do a post dedicated to sharing what happened at Vegomässan 2015. I also promised photos and I unfortunately have none… We went and had kind of a hard time navigating it and weren’t prepared. A lot of this has to do with we were those people who assumed that it would be easy, which is completely our fault. You know what they say about assuming…There was no a.t.m, which is stated on the website, which we missed… Word to the wise, read the info on the website so you don’t have to walk out in the cold! After trekking down the street to find one, we got the money, some soy lattes, and headed back to the mässan.

I’ll go ahead and start with the positives. When got back there we were able to get some tasty chocolates, which made the husband very happy. He’s been having chocolate cravings and the stuff you get at the grocery store near us is either really expensive or not vegan. After the chocolates we walked around taking a look at the booths and there were a lot of booths that had information about why you should be a vegan. There were about three booths with beauty products, a lot cruelty free eye-shadows and lipsticks but Lush, had beauty products that were more hygiene related like cleansers and shampoos. This was the sort of stuff I was hoping to find. I can’t really try washing my hair and face at a booth. It’s not like they have a shower set up for me to jump into and nor should they, so I’ve been checking out their website and hope you guys do too (not sponsored btw). To end the day we had food and listened to one of the speakers. We got pretty tired after that so we headed home.

Now the negatives aren’t wholly negative, more like we now know what we liked and didn’t like about the conference so we can let people know what to expect. The conference was built up around spreading the vegan message and to promote animal rights. That in itself is a wonderful thing and I hope more and more people are made aware of the treatment and exploitation of animals. for us personally, we did a lot of research and watched a few films before we became vegan so our goal wasn’t really to learn more it was to eat the food. That being said, vegomässan is a great place for people who are on the fence about veganism and wish to know more about the lifestyle.
My husband and I have already tried all of the food products that were there, besides the chocolates, and were hoping there would be other new stuff to try. Almost all of the food was highly processed soy products which I make a big effort to stay away from because, unfortunately, it makes my skin break out. I was also went in thinking the focus would be more on the importance of fruits and vegetables and not meat-replacers. Sadly, it’s very common that vegans have returned to a non-vegan diet because they focus too much on finding meat substitutes instead of embracing fruits, vegetables, and legumes. It’s what the majority of our diet should consist of if we want to be healthy.

With all this in mind I wouldn’t really recommend that someone who is living in Sweden already living a vegan lifestyle to go. We personally felt it wasn’t worth traveling almost one and half hours to get to, but, if you’re on the fence about anything and live nearby then I think it would be a great thing to do.
Until  next time!


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