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Currently Coveting

          Man it’s been quite a busy week this week! The wonderful thing is it hasn’t felt like it. Weather has been nice for the past two days with sunshine which is always needed up here in the cold dark north of Sweden. Sadly, no snow for Stockholm. I honestly don’t think we’ll get any for Christmas which is a bummer. If you’re going to live somewhere where it’s get dark at 3pm and it doesn’t get light until 9am you might as well be somewhere where you get snow right?
Anywho, Our vacation after New Years is our Christmas this year. We’re saving money and waiting to do some shopping and really enjoy ourselves, but low and behold, there are things for the apartment that I really want to just rush out and guy despite that.
Here is what I’m currently coveting…

Currently Coveting by Beautiful Blog

Kilim pillows and funky hand sculptures are my weakness. I see one and I’m like a kid in a candy shop, you tell me no and a part of me dies inside… I’m joking of course but my apartment would be so pretty!!!
I happened to make some a few tweaks to the place that I’ll be posting on instagram soon and eventually on the blog so stay tuned.

Until next time!


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