French Press Vegan Lattes

So, some of you may already know that you can froth milk in your press already but you can make a vegan version by purchasing Oatly Havredryck att skumma (or frothing/foaming oat milk), heating it up, and going at it in your press! Did you hear that? VEGAN LATTE!


Like it says on the box, it’s Swedish but, my friends out in the U.S, I’m pretty sure Trader Joe’s will have it or something just like it. I can’t say that soy milk or almond milk will work because I haven’t tried it. Barista’s are able to because they have the high end equipment but this is a french press we’re talkin’ about.

However with this magical oat milk I made a vanilla chai latte!

DSC_0436 (2)

For a vanilla chai latte here is everything that you will need

  • Oatly foaming milk
  • French press
  • Your favorite coffee
  • Vanilla
  • Your favorite chai tea
  • wisk
  • small pot or pan to heat on the stove with

-Make coffee in your press the way you normally would, only add your favorite chai tea to your grounds. When you pour in your water, add a 1/4 tsp of vanilla.
-While your coffee is brewing, heat the Oatly on low-medium heat on the stove, whisking it to make sure it doesn’t burn on the bottom of the pot.
Once it begins to simmer, (it should only take a few minutes, enough for your coffee to brew in your press), turn down the heat almost completely.
-Your coffee should be in your mug by now, so clean out your press for the Oatly.
-Pour the Oatly into your press and press up and down for about a minute to create foam sort of like this


-Once your milk is foamed, give it a few good taps to get rid of any big air bubbles to make a nice consistent foam.
-Add it to your coffee  and top with cinnamon to make a delicious vegan vanilla chai latte!

I should warn you it’s not the easiest task foaming the milk and it can get pretty messy, so it’s not something you’ll want to do every morning. Also, as you see in the gif, the milk needs to be filled up enough in your press for the metal pressing part to foam it. That being said its best to do this for more than 1 latte, when you have a few friends over.

DSC_0435 (2)

Still, it’s pretty amazing that you can get this from a french press! There’s no reason why vegan has to be boring. I’m not sponsored by Oatly in any way, shape, or form. I simply love finding way to make my favorite pre vegan foods and drinks into vegan ones. Hope you try it!
Until next time!


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