December in a Nutshell

This month has already gone by so quick! I know we’re only a week in but it seems like yesterday I was stalking my families Thanksgiving photos. Anywho, it’s going to be a busy month with lot’s happening so I have to let y’all know.
So, this Saturday the hubbs and I are going to Vegomässan 2015!!!


         Vegomässan means Veggie Conference. It’s a vegan conference that has everything from food, products, information about veganism, and talks and movies. We become vegan roughly 5 months ago and we’re never going back. This is my first vegan conference so I’m super excited. It’s in Stockholm, so anyone in the area there are still tickets! You can find out everything about it here.
Shortly after that I’m taking yet another test to get back into Studying Swedish in the hopes of eventually finishing my degree. Then Chrsitmas, then New Years and then…


Tenerife! We’re so excited about this vacation because the plan to relax and really enjoy spending time with our family. There will be photos after and plenty of instagramming during!
Next day I begin school… So unfortunately I am going to be a little MIA this month but, after things settle down I should be back to posting things up fairly regularly again. I’ll be posting up photos after the Vegomässan by next week so you guys will have that to look forward too. Until next time!


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