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Get Cozy For Winter With Blush

Getting cozy for winter is always a fun way to style your home. Today I thought I would show you some ways to cozy up your home for winter. Blush tones are slowly becoming a favorite. I love that they soft, subtle and light, much like snow.

Cozy It Up With Blush



By layering textures like faux furs, knits, and velvets you can instantly cozy things up. Throw a faux lamb skin over a bench to create comfy corner to sip coffee and read a book. Light, bright reflective surfaces like the shiny velvets in pillows and glass lanterns help lighten the mood during the darker, colder nights while also giving your home a sense of shimmer and magic that is always warming and welcoming during the holidays. Warm things up with more candles and you have perfected your cozy winter look. Hope you guys are having a great week! Until next time.

Möstertickad kuddefodral | Sammets kuddefodral ljusbeige | Sammets kuddefodral i mullvad | Bänk | Konstgjort fårskinn | Ljusstakar svarva | Ljuslykta diana |


2 thoughts on “Get Cozy For Winter With Blush

  1. I love the candleholder (?) in gold, i put it on my wish-list 😀 And i like your new design👍🏻

    Jag saknar dig so it hurts!! ❤️

    1. Jag saknar dig också min vän! You can lantern or candle holder in english but lantern is more accurate. Anywho, lagerhaus has so much great candle accessories this year. I need to take a trip out to the new mall in Solna soon so I can check it out.

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