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Coffee Makers Too Pretty For Their Own Good

Living in a small apartment means it’s best to keep things minimal and the majority of what you own dual purpose. A tiny kitchen means there isn’t a whole lot of room for pretty things but the best way to fix this is to acquire kitchen appliances that double as decorative and functional. Choosing a coffee maker that is more compact and decorative saves space and without having to sacrifice style. Here are my top picks for a decorative compact coffee makers.

The Chemex is such a classic. It may take a little longer to make your coffee but goes in any style of kitchen. A little bit of Friends trivia, Monica had one in her kitchen for the first few seasons.



If you are willing to spend the money for an artisan pour over coffee stand then this one from The Coffee Registry would be a gorgeous addition to your kitchen. Priced at $189 I just can’t stomach spening that kind of money right now with our budget. If he had the money though, I would get it in a heartbeat. It’s soooo pretty.

The Professor Coffe Stand via The Coffee Registry

This copper Chambord french press from Bodum is what we currently have and I love it! It’s another classic plus it makes a really great cup of coffee. it comes in 3 cup to 12 cup options and also comes in silver and the larger sizes also come in gold.

Bodum Coffee Press in Copper

Another fun french press option is a little more modern but still pretty, also from Bodum.

Coffe press

If you you want the speed of a french press with the look of the Chemex then this little number is for you! The Hario Olive Wood press is a little more expensive at $85 but worth it if you want to invest in something that you will have for many years and use it on a regular basis.

Hario Olive Wood French Press



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