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Whimsical Wallpapers For Your Nursery

I love a good statement wallpaper, but there is something extra special about picking out wallpaper for a nursery. For parent’s it obviously means the arrival of a child but even for a designer, there’s something different about it. You know that some of the most special moments that a family can experience is happening in that room and it’s a wonderful feeling knowing you had a direct part in that. Lately I’ve been seeing so many wallpapers that would be perfect in a nursery with the right amount of whimsy. I really love a good whimsical wallpaper  so here are my top picks at the moment.








balloons and windmills

FloraTreesSwedish Alphabet

It’s hard for me to pick out a favorite from these but I’m a sucker for anything quirky in black and white . Avriary from Schumacher, which  is being shown here with pops of color, also comes in black and white and I was debating on sharing that instead, but the color is something I would prefer in a nursery. I’m a sucker for foxes and woodland animals so I had to find a few of those and put them in here. The two favorites I can’t seem to decide between would have to be Aviary and Dino, which also comes in pink! How cute would a pink dinosaur themed nursery for a little girl be?!?!  Dark floral by Ellie Cashman is a great option if you want something that can grow with your baby girl. This paper would be an awesome focal wall paper surrounded by walls painted a soft coordinating pink or green. I’m also completely in love with the Swedish Alphabet Wall decal! Let me know which one you would put in a nursery, or wherever else you would want to see these wall coverings.

Aviary |  Dark Floral | Fox toile |Woodland Winter Tiole | Annabelle Vine | Hogs Under The Hedge | Dino | Meadow Sweet | Floral | Bellewood |  | ABC For the Spelling Bee |


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