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The New Sofa and Photo Updates

IT’S HERE IT’S HERE IT’S HERE!!! So We had to wait 45 days in order for our new sofa to arrive. Why? Who the heck knows?!?! But it’s here and I am writing this post while sitting on it and loving it ohh sooo much. As promised I took photos of it and even decided to style and move things around so I could give you a look into what the apartment looks like along with a realistic look into what people go through for a good photo. With out further ado, here she is!



We went with the Skanor soffa from Mio. We originally planned on getting the blue sofa but it was much bigger and I really want to add blue accents without getting lost in the rug and a blue sofa. It’s a good thing because this sofa is much bigger than I thought it would be but fits in the space really well.









The coffee table is temporary until I can afford to make a custom piece I’ve had my heart set on diy-ing. This one is too large for the space and I don’t like how high it is compared to the sofa.I definitely plan on switching out the pillows because these are okay but I don’t want okay. I want awesome.


The planters I found at the red cross and the weaved art piece is something I threw together last Saturday when I was bored.




Here’s the other side. We plan on adding wall sconces and some sort of shelf above the bed.









Although it’s not finished it’s SO MUCH better than it was pre-sofa!




Meanwhile this is what the other side of the Apartment looked like while I was taking photos…


I can’t help but smile at the ridiculousness of it but it’s real life and I think it’s important to know that even though bloggers, designers, and stylists seem to have it together there is a lot going on behind the scenes that we’re usually showing. Plus we don’t have any storage space yet. Anywho, I’m so excited to have some photos up for you guys to enjoy. I’ll keep the updates coming and as always, until next time!


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