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Traditional Scandinavian With a Twist

This week I was perusing through some wallpapers for another post and stumbled upon this little number which inspired me to do something a little more traditional. The wallpaper is from Borås Tapeter, kind of like the the Schumacher of Sweden. I look through their coverings like I look through pinterest and it never gets old. When I saw this particular covering I instantly thought of this english roll arm sofa, which led to the faux fur pillow, which led to “we need some pink”, which led to this. The idea to begin with was to do a strictly Traditional Scandinavian with everything sourced here in Sweden. Everything is from Sweden but strictly anything really isn’t my style, hence “the twist.

Traditional Scandinavian With a Twist

I picture this room for a classy woman, who’s sophisticated and well read.  She works in a firm somewhere, someone who can wear a pant suit and pearls during the week and a t-shirt and jeans over the weekend. She enjoys going to wine tastings with friends, eating chocolate covered expresso beans while binge-watching a series or diving into a good book; usually a classic. Her office at work is uber modern with lots of glass and harsh straight lines, so, she needed something wither more curves, color and personality at home. She most likely has an herb garden in her yard that she spends a great amount time in during the warmer months and throws a killer dinner party. Quite the room calls for quite the lady don’t you think?

I’m hoping you guys are all had a lovely weekend and as always, until next time!

Tapeter Herba | Soffbord George |   Poster Bloomingville | Poster HagedornhagenNornäs sidobord | Nils Gngstol | Hampton soffa | Kuddfodral i fuskpäls | Kuddfodral i sammet | Kuddfodral Cuckoos nest | Doftljus | Earth vas | Matta Beri |



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