Reminders about life

Guys worry is a funny thing. It comes in all sorts of shapes and sizes and can really take a toll on your sanity if we’re not too careful. All too often we let ourselves fall down this seeming never ending cycle of stuff that swoops in and knocks everything out of our minds, disrupting our peace and there doesn’t seem to be a way out. The sensation lasts longer for some of us and the cause being anywhere from petty first world problems that others would call themselves lucky to endure, while others are serious, life changing challenges. Of course, we’re all human and none are exempt of this thing called worry, and it’s been taking over me a little bit the last few weeks, until today. This morning I was reminded that I need to just stop and smell the gosh dang roses lady. The metaphorical roses being literal coffee.



Ever since moving to Sweden I’ve been trying to find my niche and it’s been a constant battle between money and going after what I really love. It’s something that I think every single person trying to make a living in a artistic field suffers from. There’s this side of you that tells you suck it up for just another year, a few more years. Just get a job doing something that will make money and later you’ll get to do what you love. For the past two weeks that has been my brain battle. My passion is interior design and I love blogging and want to eventually turn it into a business. This of course takes time, hard work, and doesn’t really pay the bills. On top of that, living in a new country where I don’t have a whole lot of friends and can barely speak the language. Oh negativity….

However God has so wonderfully reminded me that I have nothing to worry about. I have an amazing husband, who is so incredibly supportive and luckily has been given a job that provides everything we need. School starts up again in two months and, while the American side of me says you have to get a “real” job, pull your weight, sitting at home looking at furniture is a waste of time, He’s  reminded me that it’s not enough time to find a job and work just to quit and go back to school. This morning I remembered that I need to be confident in myself, my work, and realize that, though it’s not the easiest choice, its what I love and I need to work hard for very little, but It’s worth it. I find myself so amazed by how God always comes to my rescue and reminds me that it’s okay; that he gave me this amazing gift and that I need to take a breather, block out the negatives and remember that he will provide everything we need.


With that being said I have two room Ideas I am currently working on and will be up on the blog sometime this month, one of which should be up hopefully by the end of the week. I hope you guys are enjoying yourselves and remember! Stop and take time to enjoy the little things. You just might find that you had no reason to worry to begin with. Now enjoy a cup of your favorite hot beverage. Until Next time!




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