The Blogging Blues

Guys these past two weeks, or three weeks have been bad weeks as far as blogging goes. I’ve had a couple of ideas but for the most part nothing that I felt was post worthy for you guys. So I figured I would  just share a bit about life right now. Fall is slowly turning into winter here soon and I have to say I am ready for some snow! Fall has been beautiful and it’s my favorite season, but this, San Diego girl loves snow. I didn’t grow up in a place that gets cold or has real seasons so, living in Sweden has been such an amazing experience as far as weather goes. The things that’s keeping my posts sort of MIA is the fact that we are waiting for our freakin’ sofa still…. ugh you guys, here, usually if you buy anything from Ikea or another large furniture store it takes sooooo long to get it delivered, like 45 DAYS! That’s a month and a half of sitting in my bed instead of on a sofa. we need a bookshelf too. All of our books and knick-knacks are sitting in boxes in our living room still and it’s just making it feel so unsettled and we’re counting down the days until our stuff arrives. Until that day comes I have to day dream about living here



Whats going on with you guys? How’s the weather? Let me know. Until next time!



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