Gallery Wall #2

Continuing with the art series, here is Gallery wall #2

Gallery Wall Art Ideas | Simply Beautiful | jenlindvall.wordpress.comI wanted color because after talking with my husband we both agreed that the other gallery idea was nice but it wasn’t us. Kris and I have completely different taste in art. He loves landscaopes that involve trees and darker, moodier colors. I love a lot if different types of art so long as it’s in a color scheme I like, like pinks and corals, mint greens, or light blues. So trying to mix our styles while still making sure we have a perfectly styled gallery wall is a little more difficult  but it’s a challenge I happily accept! The sources for the art are linked below. Also word to the wise, Etsy is hands down my favorite place to find art so be sure to check it out. Until next time.

  1. Abstract | 2. Flower by Ellsworth Kelly | 3. Abstract watercolor | 4. The Great Outdoors | 5. It is finished- unknown | 6. Purple Rain

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