DIYs I Want To Try

Ever since I diy-ed my wedding I have been a die-hard diy-er. With moving twice in the last year and-a-half and being busy juggling learning a new language and working I haven’t had a whole lot of time or funds to do a whole lot. It was super frustrating for a while but now that we’re in this new apartment and I have a handle on how to utilize my time, I’m going to make an effort of doing at least one diy every other month. I would like to shoot for one every month but I am not your arts and crafts diy-er I’m your build a table, sew your own curtains, replace your cabinets type of diy-er. That takes a lot of time and a lot of tools! I’m going on too long here now… Anywho the point of this post is to share some diys I want to try



This geometric stamped napkin diy would definitely work for throw pillow covers, curtains, or some other kind of decorative textile item you want to spice up. It’s simple and easy to do too.

DIYs I want to try via

I love finding new ways to make super inexpensive flower pots. These are pvc caps spry painted to look like granite! So cheap and so clever. You could even do this on some existing flower pots if you’re getting bored with them.

DIYs I want to try via treasuresandtravelersblog

what I love most about this project is that is that it uses wooden dowels instead of copper piping. Copper piping is super pretty but it also costs a lot more. I priced out the materials for this project (In Sweden so Kronor) and it costs around 450:- which brings it to approx. $54 if you already have the tools. Tools obviously cost more.

DIYs I want to try via stylemepretty

This one seems the most daunting because I have never, ever worked with metal before and the thought makes me a little nervous.The good thing is though that Style me pretty always does such a good job at explaining  how to do everything easily so you feel more confident.

I already announced our sofa is on it’s way (yaayy) so once that bad boy gets here I’ll be able to plan some projects and get them on here. Hope you guys are having and awesome day and that you’re inspired to do some projects. If you’re wondering what other diy projects, recipes, or styling and decorating ideas I have, you’re more than welcome to stalk my pinterest.

Photos courtesy of: Almost makes perfect  blog | Treasures and Travelers blog | Style me pretty blog


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