Interior decor

The Bedding Debacle…

Guys it’s time for new bedding and it’s beginning to make me crazy how little variety there is here in Sweden… When moving to Southern Sweden, just one hour outside of Stockholm, the countries capital and largest city, I thought there would somehow be so much more variety and more available to us than what we had in Luleå. I’m finding it’s not quite the plethora of options I dreamed of. We have some great stores with good options but I want this apartment to be our home and truly reflect our style. Finding inspiration and knowing what we want has been easy here is a bit of a re-cap for you guys




Mixed textiles in blue and red tones


So you guys can tell we want a good mix of mid century modern with heavy tribal/ethnic influences. I want to go more on the darker side with greys and blacks but balanced out with lots of white. I fell in love the the simple striped bed sheet set from Emily Henderson’s new guest room this morning but I can’t find a set with a subtle stripe anywhere. The stripes are either too wide or have a very narrow repeat and it’s just too busy. I found one that’s sort of close at H&M home but it’s not a set of sheets just the base which you can see here. As for the accent pillows and throw blanket, I may end up having to purchase and ship stuff from outside the country. I’m not losing hope yet. I plan on hitting the thrift shops, second hand stores, and flea markets soon and I’m pretty confident I can find a few things there but I am really looking for kilim and mudcloth textiles. Mudcloth has always been one of my favorite textiles when I first learned about it in my fabrics class and it’s been growing ever since so that’s sort of one thing I will go the extra, extra mile to find.

We’ve made a few changes in our plans for the bedroom. This what now what we’re thinking


The Bedroom UpdatedIn order to still keep the space light and airy while still using the darker pillow shams and black lamps,  we’re going with a very light, slightly grey bedset from H&M. I would like to find striped sheets and pillows somewhere but the light grey will work for now. The accent throw is going to be either one of those  magic finds at a flea market or second hand store or I’m just going to have to bite the bullet and buy it from etsy for more than I would like to because mud cloth is extremely difficult to find in Sweden also. It’s weird going from the States where this stuff can be found for cheap in plenty of places and then move here where it’s almost impossible to get. So the story goes. Eventually when I have learned the best places to shop, I’ll do a post on how to shop Sweden. That way if any of you come here you know where to get some pretties. Until next time!


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