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ART, ART, ART and a Laundry Fail.

So just decided to get a little weird with the title there haha sorry guys, it’s been a rough morning. Here in Sweden we have set laundry times that you have to book in order to do your laundry. You sign up for a laundry time and you get the whole laundry room to yourself. It’s pretty nice but if you don’t use your laundry time after an hour then someone can take your time and that’s what happened to me this morning… So I gotta wait to do laundry another few days because the next available time ins’t until friday at like 3pm…. So our laundry pile is crazy ridiculous right now. Anywho I’m over here just gathering some art gallery wall inspiration for the apartment.

I thought for the next several days I would do at least 3 different posts with 3 different art configurations and get your feedback. I may do more but that all depends on how smoothly things go with the first three. I really love mixing quotes and sketches together with a 1 or 2 really beautiful and inspiring pieces of photography or paintings.

Art configuration 1


This one is really soft and light but it still makes me really happy when I look at it. I thought it would go with our sofa that we bought which I plan to reveal once it arrives! Hee hee, I can’t wait to show that to you guys but we’ll have to be patient. I like the thought of matching all of my frames in a darker shade so I might just buy some plain ones and paint them all a really pretty flat dark gray to make it really soft and not as harsh as just black. Most of them are pinterest finds or from other bloggers but the Beach photo was actually taken by my amazingly talented Mother-in-law Sari Lindvall. She’s so awesome and I love this photo so, so much because of the colors and it also reminds me of back home, even though this was taken in southern Sweden. She has a blog too which you can check out HERE. Anywho let me know your thoughts in the comments below and another configuration should be up in a few days. Until next time!

Art sources top row: Ellsworth Kelly | Jenna Kutcher | Second row: Sari Lindvall | Matisse | RemainSimple |Third row: It Is Finished: unknown | Vintageprintable


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