Dags för att säga hejdå

Well my friends,  since we got the news about our first hand apartment in Stockholm! I went to work on this post.  The apartment  34kvm ( about 365 sqf), one room (a studio apartment as we say in the U.S), kitchen, and one bath, with a small porch. Great thing is its a ground floor apartment with a grassy area just outside the porch so in the summer and spring we can eat outside, grill, exercise, etc etc. It will take some time getting used to the smaller space since it’s a little more than half of what we were living in but I thought I would share a few of my favorite moments in Luleå with you all.


First time walking over an icy lake. This was sometime in late october or early november


This is Luleå’s Isbanen, The Ice Road that goes around Luleå’s town center. Yes, cars actually drive on these roads!


This was a few days after the first frost last year. Everything looked like diamonds in the sun light. SO gorgeous.






Some fall colors


First time cooking Turkey’s and hosting Thanksgiving Dinner. It was soooo delicious and some friends even made a string bean casserole! It made it much easier to be away from very missed loved ones to be surrounded by such great friends.


The countless lattes made to survive the sub zero temperatures, complete with wool socks!


Running outside to absorb the sunlight in the dark winters



The pollen “snow flakes” of summer.


Summer time is honestly so beautiful once it finally warms up! This is the walking path on my home from the store.



and of course the endless amount of forests to walk through.

If I don’t think about how much stress it’s been trying to learn a new language, work, and get used to a different culture, then I really have enjoyed living here. There were a lot of tears spillt to get to where I am but the fact that I can understand 80-85% of what Swedes are saying after only a year and a half makes it worth it. It’s hard work and I’m not the person who particularly thrives under these types of conditions but I know I am stronger and more knowledgeable for it. Anyways I’m sitting in our new apartment while writing this and can’t help but be so incredibly thankful for all of the blessings we’ve received over this past year and half. I’m especially going to miss my friends who have become my family. I had to fight back a few tears after our fika together before our flight but, good news is, we’re only a two hour flight apart! Luleå, you’ll always hold  special place in my heart and we’ll see you again soon!


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