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Almost There: Simple Styling Mistakes To Avoid

I’ve gone back and forth on whether I should write this post or not but in the end, my goal here is to help to inspire you guys, show you truly good design, and give you tips on decorating your home to it’s fullest potential. I want to do that mostly through giving you  GOOD examples but sometimes we need to see an example of something a little off in order to know how to fix it. I titled this post “Almost There” because, for the most part these rooms are beautiful and designed fairly well but there’s just a few minor adjustments that, should they be made, would live up to their fullest potential. Some of them are rookie mistakes that are really easy to forget and that I’ve even made myself. Anywhooo here we go.

Almost there Not enough walk room

So here we have a super cute and cozy sitting room with pillows galore. I just want to skydive right into those bad boys. I love everything until I notice how big and bulky everything is, especially the coffee table. It’s SO important to have enough space to walk around objects in a room and there just isn’t any walk-room here. Swap out the accent chair with a smaller piece and a smaller, maybe round, coffee table and this room would be perfect.

Almost there off scale

Again, we have a space with a lot of really pretty design choices, but ,like most of the time when we see a space with poor scale, the size of objects in relation to one another in a room, we sense something is just a little off. Here, we have a perfect example. The planters are way too big in relation to the table, the chairs, and especially the chandelier within this space. If we had bigger, bulkier chairs like the floral captain chairs, around the whole table, a flush ceiling lamp, and push the planters a little closer to one another then they would work better. I would only recommend this if someone had their heart set these though. The best choice would be to make the chairs work as is and swap the planters out for something narrow and slender, but still vertical, like a group of traditional mixed and matched candle stick holders. This way you still get height and visual interest, plus, you get to keep that UH!-mazing chandelier.

Alpmost there too many stright lines and sqaures

This entry or back door area, not sure which it is, is simply a matter of a lack of styling. Its beautifully designed, with great architectural details, but it just feels a little empty and boring. With all of the square shapes going on we need some round-ness added to create a little visual diversity and interest, so, I would hang a couple scarves, a hat or two, and/or a bag and, with that alone, would be SO much better. Maybe, I add a tall, narrow, round basket near the door to hold some umbrellas or something and that’s all you would need.

Almost there No levels

This kitchen is in the same house as the entry way above. Again, its very beautifully done but there’s a lack of different levels to visually draw the eye up. The bar stools are at the same eye level as the counters and the windows are at the same eye level as the range hood, which makes the room feel sort of squished. Adding a curtain just under the molding, pulled back in decorative tie-backs, would be the simplest way to fix this problem but if the goal was to have an open, bare window than I would really recommend switching out the range hood with something that has more curves so it doesn’t rest at the same eye  level as the windows and breaks up all of these horizontal lines.

Hopefully this helps you guys. Avoiding these simple mistakes will really help you make the most out of every space, what’s better, is they’re pretty easy to fix. Hope you learned something new. Until next time!


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