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The Bedroom Area

Guys I had an epiphany! I’ve been racking my brain for inexpensive ways to separate the living and bedroom areas in the apartment and I think I got it! One problem was trying to fit the existing furniture pieces I had and still have enough room for a bed and some sort of “wall” to section things off. We have this gorgeous mid-century coffee table that I want to use as a bench at the foot of our bed, which you can see in this post here, without feeling cramped and closed in. I was looking at my table and then saw this photo on pinterest…

Stay Awhile print

and BING! LIGHTBULLLBBB! I’m going to hang some blinds from the ceiling just behind the table to make it look like a bench and behind that will be our bed! So the table is at the foot of our bed but the blinds will hide the bed and make it feel more like an entry way!!!  Here’s a sketch to give you an idea of what I’m talking about…


Now I could purchase a big huge art piece and hang that from the ceiling too but it’s going to need to be done properly and will cost more to do so. Big art costs extra too. So I’m thinking a bamboo rolling blind painted white or another soft neutral color and eventually I can have a giant print made that I can attach directly to the blinds to make it feel even more like a wall and not just a hanging blind.

As for inside the “bedroom”  we’re wanting to keep it very clean, basic, and simple. Just a bed frame and some sort of shelf for books, phones, and two bed side lamps. We saw this photo here and both really liked the idea of doing something similar. Maybe just the shelf and not a built-in headboard, but you get the idea.

Bedroom inspiration

But this is the look that I’m going for…

The Bedroom

I want lot’s of textured layering! These kilim pillows are so gorgeous and I’ll source them once we have bought them (there’s only one of each available and I’m being greedy). Can’t decide If I want a pair of table lamps or wall sconces. I realllly really like the rinarp wall sconces from IKEA but I may paint them black, keeping the gold details, because I don’t want them to get lost in against the white walls. If I get the table lamps then I just have to get some cute shades to coordinate. So we’ll see if simplicity beats out an Ikea hack.

Hope you guys are having a fabulous weekend. Go out, have a weekend adventure and, as always, until next time!

Photos courtesy of: The Glitter Guide| Etsy



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