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Inspiring Interiors This Week

Getting things put together for the bedroom section of our apartment hasn’t been so smooth and easy ad the others. I sort of figured it would go this way because I still don’t know exactly how we are going to lay out everything yet. We know we need to section it off with some sort of shelving unit, faux wall, or curtain to make it feel like its own separate space, but which side will it be on? How much space is there really for everything? Can we fit some furniture other than our bed and still have enough room for a dining area and sitting area? Unfortunately we just have to wait until we move to really get an idea of what we can get in there. Wah waaaah (sad trombone) People, that’s 10 days away… I know its just a little over a week and it will go fast once we start packing everything up but I am just so excited! I want to be there NOW! rolling on my vintage Persian rug and sliding on the floor in my socks and a white button up like Tom Cruise in Risky Business, planning out all the vintage stores I’m going visit the next day.

Until the ideas come flowing in I thought I would share this weeks inspiring interiors. There’s so many goodies I’ve pinned this week and I hope they inspire you just as much. Without further ado…

So much greenery

Plants, always inspiring especially paired with a pinkish hue. I can’t wait to get more plant babies into our new place!

Bringing rustic cabin style back

Plaid is coming back in all sorts of ways and I really love it paired with a matte black wall and some wood beams.

My future fire place-brick with rustic wood mantle

The fire place WILL be in my future house someday! Its the perfect blend of rustic and modern styles. It makes me happy just looking at it.

Black details

Black details like on door frames, door and cabinet hinges, faucets, etc ect, is being done a lot lately and I dig it. Pair it  with white walls and some colored textiles and you have a pretty good set up.

light and bright sitting aread

This room… sigh… It’s so bright, cozy, and makes me want to read a book with a nice cup of coffee. Heck I could just sit there, look out the window, and soak up the sunshine and be a happy pappy. That molding is just gorgeous.

Which room inspires you guys the most? Let me know in the comments below. Until next time!

Photos courtesy of: Modern Hepburn| Domaine| Eve Wilson Photography| Old Brand New| Smitten Studio|


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