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Decorating The Living Room

“Don’t stop me NOW! I’m having such a good time, I’m havin’ a ball”! These lyrics are definitely the perfection description of how things are going with planning out things for our new home. I’m finding so many cute awesome things that have really made doing everything really easy and effortless. Chances are things won’t go quite so smoothly once we get there but that’s fine, things aren’t perfect and I’m okay with that.

These are the rooms that I’m drawing the majority of my inspiration from…

inspiration 5


Inspiration 4


Inspiration 3


Inspiration 2

I want it bright, earthy, ecclectic, cozy and airy with heavy bohemian and mid-century modern influences. Sooo We’ve got the perfect rug (EEEEEEKKKK!) It still makes me giddy every time I think about it! And we’ve pretty much decided on the sofa, so, now I just have to get down there and start shopping all the local thrift stores, second hand shops, and flea markets for the bigger pieces i.e coffee table, vintage bookshelf, maybe an accent chair, and other little pieces. However that’s not preventing me from finding inspiration and getting a few new things. Here’s what I’ve come up with so far…


The Living Room Pretties







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