A Perfect Rug and The Search For A Sofa

Happy saturday! So y’all remember me sating we got a first hand apartment? Well we went down there to pick up our keys and take care of some paperwork and Its awesome. It’s newly renovated and we’re the first ones to live there so everything is brand new and unused! Dream come true right? Best thing is while we were there we had time to buy an amazing rug from someone off blocket. It’s Sweden’s version of craigslist.

11992166_1051464841533165_148412265_n (2)

The photo is from my phone so apologies for the crappy quality but is it not gorgeous? The reds are faded to the perfect shades of pinks and magentas and there are really pretty coppar tones in it too. Its hand knotted  and vintage so there are imperfections but that’s part of the charm of buying these sorts of things.  Anywho, the search for a sofa to go with baby has begun. I would love to find one from blocket but we are car-less and away from friends with cars, so, transporting one is a problem. That means buying a new one or finding someone who would be willing to transport it for us for an extra cost. I’m more on the side of a new one. Ans these are what I have scrounged up so far…Grey sofa

I’m looking for something up off the floor on tapered legs to show off more of the rug and to visually open up the space as much as possible. This grey one is simple and inexpensive with really good lines. It also contrasts with the darker hues in the rug which is a plus.

greige sofa

I like the tufting on this greige sofa and it has a good color. It’ll contrast the rug nicely but I’m concerned about how light it is with how often I spill things (like every day, I kid you not). It’s a great choice but maybe not the perfect fit.

Alice sofa

This last guy though… he’s a beauty. Perfect little legs, tufting for a bit of vintage flair, and a truly gorgeous shade of blue with grey undertones that would go really nicely with our rug. I think this will be the one we end up with but there could be a sale somewhere in a few months that makes me change my mind.

Until next time, have and awesome weekend!


2 thoughts on “A Perfect Rug and The Search For A Sofa

  1. I like the first and third. The second looks sloppy to me and I don’t like the placement of the legs. I love the color of the third. The curve of the arms coming up gives it a very modern look and the tufting is so much cleaner than the tufting on the second one. As for future life, the first one would be much easier to slip cover.

    1. Third is definitely our favorite. The first one does have really clean lines and great legs but I’m worried it might be really firm and uncomfortable. We’re both wanting to get something softer that we can take naps on or cuddle up with a good book.

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