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Trend Tracking: Display Cabinets Are Back

Look out open book shelves, display cabinets are back! May it be a hutch, curio cabinet, armoire, or china cabinet they’re becoming increasingly popular these days. You might be thinking that I’m crazy but I’ve started to see enough cabinets being used to officially publish my predictions. While I do believe that personal taste always trumps trends, I also believe it’s good to know what is “in”. That being said, an open bookshelf and open shelving is a classic, which will never completely go out of style, but it’s also been the trend for displaying books, small decorative pieces and accessories for quite some time now. Trends eventually get overused and people start looking for the next it thing or ways to add variety to mix things up a bit and I think we’re heading in that direction. Here are the photos to support my hypothesis.

White kitchen hutch

Curio cabinet filled with plants

Display cabinet of Justina Blankeney's Studio

Est Magazine Distressed Hutch

Hand carved hutch

Photos courtesy of Est Magazine | A Merry Mishap | The Jungalow | Planete Deco

Have these photos convinced you? Let me know what you guys think in the comments below. Will display cabinets give open shelving a run for its money next year? Until next time!


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