The Perfect Fall Outfit

Every fall I allow myself to add a few key items to add to my wardrobe. Sometimes it’s the summer items I’ve been waiting for to go on sale but it usually ends up being a sweater or two because if there is one things I can’t resist, its good sweater or cardigan. When going through pinterest I saw this little get up



The Perfect Fall Outfit via Polyvore

I’ve reaaaalllly stayed away from black the last two years and I’m craving  adding some to my closet lately. I have a black 3/4 sleeve coat that’s great in the spring but I really don’t like to wear a ton of black in the spring. I want color and fun. For fall though, it is perfect. I was instantly inspired and decided to recreate the outfit but with other items on my fall purchase list. My version looks a little something like this


The perfect fall outfit

Gold rings | Black fedora | Gold necklace | Cardigan | Black sweater | Black ankle boots | Jeans |

Has your same basic elements like the boots, jeans, and sweater but with my handpicked accessories. I am really in love with the wide rimmed fedoras that are coming out right now but I can’t decide is I want a tan or a black one. I can’t resist throwing in a great cardigan and this one from Cubus is so awesome. Pair it with some simple gold jewelry and you have a great cozy fall outfit.

Well until next time my lovlies!



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