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A girl can dream of bedrooms

I thought I would continue sharing my dream home ideas with you, so, today is the master bedroom. The bedroom is one of those spaces that I think people tend to take the longest time to make any decorative decisions on since it’s a very personal space. Living rooms, kitchens, and dining rooms are almost always shared where your bedroom is YOUR dwelling and we share it only with those closest to us. The past year and half has been a huge learning curve for what I would like to see in our future master bedroom because now I am sharing it with my husband and, even though he trusts me to do whatever I want in our home, I want him to enjoy our space just as much as I do. He’s given me input here and there while I’m going through pinterest or doing work for the blog and I feel like I have found our shared style.

Mixed textiles in blue and red tones


My husband loves blue. He actually went ga ga over the blue sofa I used in the “A Little Bit More Traditional” post I did a while back (If you haven’t seen you can find it here). After that he mentioned he liked a few other things blue and so my plan is to hopefully get some beautiful textiles like mud cloth, shibori, batik, or a traditional falsa blanket in blue and reddish pink tones in the space.

bedroom with rustic and natural accents


Brian Parquette bedroom

We both like natural wood tones to I would love to get a rustic wood bench for the foot of the bed. I love using woven baskets and ratten furniture, so, the hope is to get some of those in there as well. I like the clean lines and the dark tones of this bed frame a lot too. I feel like it’s the perfect balance of modern and rustic.

urban outfitters falsa blanket

I am liking the idea of using a white linen duvet covers with traditional falsa blanket folded at the foot of our bed more and more. It would be the perfect place to add some blue, pattern, and texture and would be even better to find a blue and red one.

Light and bright bedroom

I would like the over-all vibe of our space to be natural, bohemian, relaxing, with pops of color to add a happy bright feeling that isn’t too over powering. White or a super light grey are the hopes for paint color but this of course depends on the light situation. There will be plants. I’m the crazy plant lady who names her plants and no matter what kind of living situation we end up in next, either a first hand or a second hand apartment, they’re coming with; even if I have to take the train alone to Stockholm and sit with my plant babies in a box on my lap. Hope y’all are having a find weekend and as always, until next time!


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