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A girl can dream of bathrooms

I can’t remember if I have mentioned it here on the blog yet, but sometime in September or October we’re relocating to Stockholm. My husband got a PhD position at KTH Kungliga Tekniska Högskolan or The Royal Institute of Technology. It’s basically one the best school to do research  in for an aerospace/space engineer here in Sweden, so, I am incredibly proud of what my husband has achieved. This does come with lots of changes and stress though. Finding a first hand apartment, where you are not renting from a previous renter/owner, here is a pain. There are very few available apartments  for the number of people searching for one and there is a set queue system that tries to make it fair for everyone. Those who are first in line get the apartment. You could go through a point system where you accumulate points and the longer you’re in the queue, the more points you get, thus making it more likely to get an apartment. This works for people willing to wait a number of  years! for a first hand apartment. Otherwise you can pay a monthly fee to companies renting out the apartments and you will get an e-mail or text with the available apartment. The first to sign up gets it. All of it is done online and its very strange to me, sounds like a scam even, but that’s just how it is done here.

So to escape from the stress I’m dreaming of the day where we can purchase an apartment and I can have complete decorative freedom. I can put in as many holes, tear out as many walls, and rip up as many floors, as I want. This is of course many years from now and It is probably a bad idea to be dreaming up of things so far in the future but it helps prevent me freaking out about  not knowing where we’re going to live.

Today I’ll be sharing some bathrooms I have fallen in love with.

Bathroom with wood floor tiles and clawfoot bathtub


Bathroom with contrasting tile and warm wood tones



Marble tile with claw foot bathtub and gold accents



Bathroom with black tile backsplash and white hexagon floor tile

In case you haven’t notice already I love contrast. White subway tile with a dark grout will probably be the way I go. I love the idea of a dark floor tile that looks like wood so that its the feeling of a wood floor but we, and future buyers, don’t have to worry about the damage moisture can cause over time in bathrooms. Next is a claw foot bathtub. I probably won’t get one until we plan to stay in an apartment for more than 5 years because not everyone is as excited about buying an apartment with a bathtub here. However as soon as we get to our permanent location, both my husband and I want one. It is going to be black and it is going to have gold or brass feet and hardware because let’s face it people, it’s gorgeous. As far as vanities go I would like one up off of the floor on legs in a medium wood or painted a soft dark grey with gold or brass hardware. I would love to  find something at a flea market that I can turn into a vanity and apply with the proper layers of protectant to prevent water damage. Doing this to wood floors can get really pricey, so, this would be a good way to bring wood tones into the bathroom but still keep the costs lower.

It will be pretty interesting to look back at these posts when we are able to buy and start renovating our first place. Our tastes may completely change or we may not renovate according to our taste whatsoever so that we can simply make money selling the place. Until then, I will have to stick with dreaming. Until next time.


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